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Hmmmmm! Check Out What The Shape Of Breast Reveals About Personality

Have you ever wondered what the shape of breast can say about a girl's personality? Well, it actually reveals a lot! You’ll be surprised to see how accurate breasts’ shape reflects the personality of their owner!

1. Tiny breasts and medium nipples of a refined intellectual!

If you have tiny breasts with medium nipples, you’re most likely a refined intellectual with a brilliant and refined personality. You’re certainly not a drama queen and you’re able to hide your emotions and remain strong and stable in public no matter what. You are a quick thinking person who can solve any puzzle. Your point of view is usually differs from the majority’s point of view and that can be really annoying. Still, you prefer being on your own to being in in the centre of everyone’s attention.

2. Large breasts with medium nipples of someone born to lead!

If you have large breasts with medium nipples, you’re most likely a truly independent person who is born to lead. You rarely ask for help from others. Basically you have a lot of self-control and prefer to remain cold, calm and stable. You consider your life as a logic game and that’s why you’re very successful.

3. Medium breasts with medium nipples – you’re a free-spirited soul.

Everyday there’s a new adventure for you. You’re a charmer and a free spirited person. You tend to do the ordinary things in an unusual way, so the purpose of your actions is not always apparent to others. Your behaviour sometimes may be shocking and even offensive for the environment. But there’s always a hidden purpose for that.

4. Large breasts that point downward with large nipples – you’re an optimist!

You’re an optimist who appears to stay positive even when really worried. Your soul is really quiet and dreamy. You’re diligent and intelligent and sometimes shy. Your sense of humour can hurt people who might take it the wrong way.

5. Small breasts with big nipples mean passion.

You’re passionate and unforgettable. Your impressive personality and passion for life attracts people, but sometime you might get a little bit unethical. Still, you attract everyone’s attention. You make decisions quickly and easily lose your temper. Still, you’re able to complete difficult tasks with true vigour.

6. Large perky breasts with large nipples are full of kindness and reliability.

People enjoy your company not only because the shape of your breasts, but because you’re kind and reliable. You can keep a secret and people usually have confidence in you.You have a grateful nature and love to nurture others. But at the same time you’re really mysterious.

7. Small breasts that point downward with large nipples show wisdom and spirituality.

Your wisdom and spirituality work in your favour. You tend to improve yourself constantly. You learn something new whenever you can. You are a good friend and a pacifist but still you don’t forget about your own interests.

8. Large, bulbous breasts with large nipples mean creativity.

People find you entirely charming and not only because the shape of your big breasts. Your creative spirit makes you do things in your own unique way, but it doesn’t hurt people around you.

9. Medium breasts with nipples that point outward – you get on well with people.

You’re unspoiled and full of virtue. Besides that you’re easy to fit and agree with many different types of people, and that makes you a great personality. You’re a good judge and people around you often ask for your advice or opinion.

10. Large breasts with nipples that point outward: just charismatic

You’re a daydreamer who fantasizes a lot about other worlds and realities. Still, you’re really charismatic and sociable person. Your environment is happy to spend time with you, because you amuse those around you a lot.

11. Small breasts with large nipples that point downward show your energy.

You’re used to be in the centre of attention, which you use to your advantage. When you enter the room, you change the energy. You don’t like people who are too practical and don’t trust their hearts. You need love most of all and that’s why you enjoy to seduce and let others seduce you.

12. Medium breasts that point outward with nipples that point outward: enigma.

You’re a mysterious person, though people that are really close to you have a lot of confidence in you. You’re really someone who can be trusted.

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