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Mothers are Amazing! Former beauty queen, Adaeze Yobo reveals how she suffered difficulties being a mother

The former beauty queen and wife of former Nigerian professional footballer, Joseph Yobo, revealed that she suffered difficulties being a mother ranging from insufficient breast milk, Postnatal Depression, and the pain resulting from Cesarean Section.
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"Baby no 3 is the only baby i breastfed for this long. Some have it easy and others like me drank 2large bowls of custard, took nursing tea n all and still had only 1-2oz of breastmilk, gained tons of weight and had no energy most of the time, so I gave up early cos the baby and i Cldnt deal with the stress. With my ist son, we both cried cos i was in C-sec pain, had bad PND and baby wasnt getting enough milk. to think i actually planned to breastfeed for 2years, and only did it for 3wks 2nd one I swore I wldnt even breastfeed cos of my last experience but once I had him, he latched unto the boobies like a pro so I gave in but the milk was still low at 5weeks, so i had to supplement with formula which was a bad idea cos he fell in love with the milk flow and rejected boobie. However, with "ma piinches" (My princess) *in jaydens voice* it's been pure bliss, no PND, I'm always full of energy even though I don't get as much sleep at night. Anyway, i dont know how long I want to breastfeed for, I'll just go with the flow for now cos I like the way she looks into my eyes while nursing #momlife #11weekspostpartum #breastfeedingrant #mothersareamazing #morningrant have a great day lovers ".

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