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HotShots; Nigerian model Adaogu Chinyere is in all shades of beauty and gorgeous

MBGN Tourism 2014 Chinyere Adogu teamed up with one of our top Nigerian photographer Emmanuel Oyeleke to release new beauty photos, she captioned, "flower child"

She wrote .....

Flower Child:
Her face is filled with a flood of light
Hundreds of florets make up a single head
The subtlety of her features enhanced by her height
Spiralling waves and bright colours taking the lead
Caramel skin glowing in the glistening sun
Blossoming and spreading like a raging fire
Heads turning to the swaying of hips after she is long gone
Yearning and leaping higher and higher
Fulfilled dreams and talks of a life well spent
Beauty and glow in spite of folly
Smiling and pulling through even in difficult moments.

Photo: @emmanueloyeleke
Muse: @the_real_chi
Words: @pietrina_
Makeup: @bibyonce
Dress: @willfredogerardo


Blaze said...

Nice pictures

Shantel said...

Aunty noradence please I av hotter shots too oooo......epp!