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"Please don't use that as your national costume in Philippines" -Nigerians reacts to Queen Anyadike's proposed national costume for Miss Universe 2017

Unoaku Anyadike
Miss Universe Nigeria Unoaku Anyadike shared her proposed national costume on Instagram and  here is what she got from her fans, patriotic Nigerians

izuchukwu_anoliefo Beads are boring and heavy. You've got choices dear. Please don't use that as ur national costume in Philippines. Dress like an igbo bride on her traditional marriage: white lace top, blue long fish flowing skirt, big blue head gear and the new bridal necklace too and heels. Standout. Look beautiful cos you're damn pretty. You must not use that Modela old pieces. You are a top 10 material. Follow my advise and thank me

@unoaku.anyadikedat_girl1000Try changing d cute😍😍😍bechiliciousOhhh my geee,God,shes sooo beautifulypeterchuks1My Goodness🔥🔥🔥.... @unoaku.anyadike this is perfect ....gorgeously nd beautifully represented, is ur triberitzy_imadeRe u sure that

beaded headgear is Benin...😎😎😕😕 I am Benin..I m yet to come across this bead Queencreativesapien❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤!!!bijumanuels_signatureU go [email protected] don't worry u wee dress like dis on our trad.... U go too mk sense
[email protected]_anoliefo great point made. Using this as a national costume at MISS universe will surely be boring. It's quite weak

[email protected]_anoliefo it does portray our true culture
[email protected] it portrays nothing dear. The point is wearing something that would flatter your beauty, something outstanding. You ain't judged by wat you portray, you are judged by how pretty you appear. After Agbani Darego made top 10 in 2001 Miss Universe before winning Miss World that same year, no Nigerian has ever made that cut. Reason is not that the girls are not beautiful, it's simple, no one talks to them, no outstanding national costume & poor evening gown. If she listens great for her, if she doesn't Nigeria claps again this year.

[email protected]_anoliefo support your person

[email protected] She has my 100% support. That's why I'm giving advice anyways. We will all watch the pageant. Who wants his country to fail? I'm happy she's representing us cos she has all it takes. Just a little more attention on styling and costume choices and the crown is hers.

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