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Exclusive Interview with Okeke Judith, Queen of Africa 2016

Okeke Judith
Okeke Judith
She is an African Queen, a stunner, a perfect amalgamation of beauty and brain, splendor with wits. She is God fearing, elegance personified. She is none other than a Nigerian model and reigning Queen of Africa, Okeke Judith.

In a bit interview with Modelsgistafrica, the elegant Queen shared her experiences, thoughts, and aspirations as a beauty queen. Read up!

Q.  Congratulations on being crowned as the Queen of Africa, may we meet you?
Thanks, My name is Okeke Judith from Arondizuogu Ideato north local government Imo state

Q. How did you feel when your name was announced as the Winner Queen of Africa 2016!!!
I felt like I was on top of the world because I never knew fate would favor me. I thought I had lost it all until I was announced as the new Queen of Africa

Q. Who/what has been your inspiration through this pageant journey
It has been my dream Come true to be not only a model, a Beauty Queen as well and I was inspired by my queen mother whom I am today her successor as Queen of africa 2016/2017

Q. How would you describe your experience at the pageant boot-camp?
My experience in camp was indeed a challenging one because I made both friends and enemies in camp but to God be the glory I made it at last.

Q. What do you think kept you outstanding from other contestants?
I think I am not different from my fellow contestants as far as the pageant Is concern because we all did our best but in this case, I will rather say it's the Lord's doing!

Q. Queen, what if you did not win the contest?
At first as a human being I should be upset about it then I will have to say to myself " it is not over yet" will keep trying my best in other pageants because winners never quit and quitters never win so I will have to focus with my ambitions until I possess my possession.

Q. Any pet project yet? When do you plan unveiling?
Yes, it will be unveiled as soon as possible

Q. Tell us three things you cannot do without on daily basis?
1.Praying to God, 2. reading my Bible and 3. operating my mobile phone... Smile

Q. Would you like us to talk about your relationship life *winks*
No...  Thanks

Q. Okay, what are the major changes about you now as a beauty queen of Africa?
The changes that I have seen so far is the way I talk and also the way I walk.

Q. oooh wow! softwalk *smiles*. Okay,  what advice do you have for models and aspiring beauty queens?
My advice to young models out there is " being a queen is not what anybody can do in a day and you are the winner.  Raise your head high and praise the lord.  When God is with you nobody can stand in your way, you all must Be determined even when you fall always stand affirm and say to yourself "I am a winner and not a loser " and may the lord that has done it for me also do it for you all In Jesus name."

MGA- Really a nice time with a humble Nigerian-African Queen.
Queen -Its my pleasure.


Anonymous said…
lolzzz friends and enemies in camp
iamking said…
i like her skin colour
Anonymous said…

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